Advertising options

As largest regional airport in Switzerland, we offer you diverse and attractive advertising options. Be visible!

Poster in the terminal (F4 format, world format)

  • Optimal location, directly at the entrance and exit of the terminal
  • Waiting and arrival area
  • Meeting point for pick-ups, visitors, and airport tours
  • Price plus VAT. Production costs and installation cost are excluded
  • Spezifikationen: Montage in einem Klapprahmen  (DE)

Large poster in the airport terminal

  • Optimal location in the check-in area
  • Meeting point for visitors and persons picking-up passengers
  • Central and vast, everyone walks past it!

Megaposter in the Schengen gate area

  • Representative surface
  • Visible from the bistro area outside the gate as well as from the airport lounge
  • Annual contact with up to 200'000 passengers

Exterior poster at the control tower

  • Directly at the access route to the airport
  • Easily accessible for motorists, bus passengers, and pedestrians

Exterior poster at the General Aviation Center

  • Main entrance for General Aviation, flight school, and employees
  • Good visibility
  • Prominently placed at the access road


  • Your flyer will be placed directly at the entrance/exit
  • Easily accessible for passengers, visitors, and persons picking-up passengers
  • Can be taken during the wait or directly taken along into the aircraft

Advertisement on screen

  • Seven screens are distributed in the whole aircraft
  • Advertisement alternately with departure and arrival times
  • Make use of high attention during wait situations

Baggage trolleys

  • Eye-catching and possible at only one airport
  • Strengthen your advertising message with this special customer contact
  • The price is calculated for 50 pieces, larger or smaller quantities on request

Plastic baskets for security check

  • Used several times per day
  • In the hands of passengers, visitors, and employees
  • Connect with your client in this special moment

Baggage belt

  • Prominent advertising surface at the airport
  • Clearly visible, creative, and free in the design
  • Make use of the wait of your customer at the baggage claim


  • Be visible
  • Your customers travel with your advertisement in form of the parking ticket
  • Your message is repeated when paying the parking fee


  • Target group oriented distribution of flyers for business travelers and Business Class passengers
  • Further opportunities in the lounge will be offered on request


  • Address passengers, visitors, and excursionists simultaneously
  • Present your products or services at the airport
  • Promotion surface in the terminal or gate area
  • The offered products and/or services have to be approved in advance by Bern Airport

Advertisement in the flight schedule

  • Is displayed at the airport and mailed to companies, travel agencies as well as private customers
  • Annual edition: approx. 20'000 copies
  • Published twice a year with the summer or winter flight schedule

Advertising banner at

  • Over 6'000 visitors daily on the website
  • 16'000 page views daily
  • Large and active online fan community


  • Advertisement in form of mentions in the newsletter of the airport (with photo and text)
  • Over 4'000 recipients
  • Target group oriented advertisement aimed at travel customers and travel agents