Swiss Helicopter

Swiss Helicopter is at your service at its fourteen bases located throughout Switzerland and the Principality of Lichtenstein. The company's fleet of modern aircraft offers you maximum availability. Swiss Helicopter works on the principles of Swiss precision and professionalism, with competent service and reliability in all areas. The core competences lie in the field of passenger flights, transport flights, and pilot training.

Diverse range of services

Swiss Helicopter offers you:

  • Switzerland from a bird's eye view, beautiful scenery at every season

  • Professionally planned transports of persons, animals, or materials at the interior or exterior of the helicopter 

  • A big selection of training options at our flight school

  • The realization of your dream

Swiss Helicopter at Bern Airport

The Swiss Helicopter base at Bern-Belp is located at Bern Airport. It is the starting point for varied and memorable sightseeing flights. Belp is also one of the five locations of our fligth school: We can provide you with training as a private or professional pilot in accordance with the latest European regulations, along with various courses of further training.

Fleet of Swiss Helicopter:

  • Airbus Helicopter H120

  • Airbus Helicopter H125

  • Guimbal Cabri G2

Offer of Swiss Helicopter:

  • Trial lessons

  • Private pilot PPL(H)

  • Commercial pilot CPL(H)

  • Line pilot ATPL(H)/IR

  • Mountain landing training MOU(H)

  • Theory courses, incl. Distance Learning

  • Instructor courses FI(H)

  • Additional trainings (NIT, TRS, HESLO, IR, MCC)

Swiss Helicopter AG
Tel. +41 31 818 88 88