Investor relations

Bern Airport: an investment in the regional economy

For about 90 years, the Airport in Bern and therewith the airport operating company Bern Airport Ltd. have been part of one of the basic economic tiers of the canton Bern and the Swiss Mittelland region. Bern Airport generates a considerable direct and indirect value added for its region. The communities on which grounds the airport is located regularly rank among the first positions of the economic ranking.

Value added by the airport

Total value added per year* 174 Mio. CHF
Number of full-time positions* 1'130

* Effects according to Airport Council International, internationally accepted standards that holds direct, indirect, induced and catalytic effects. Source: Infras Economic Relevance on Aviation in Switzerland, 2011

Traffic figures (all aviation types)

  2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Passengers 183'320 182'917 151'621 35'787 16'183 23'827
Aircraft movements 50'207 47'659 44'706 41'396 42'862 51'792

Tax value of the registered share

The tax value of the registered share of Flughafen Bern AG is published on